• Showcasing the use of clean, renewable energy

  • A gateway for information exchange

  • A communication channel for all stakeholders

  • Providing access to information

The E-Base

Conservation Wildlands Trust is a philanthropic trust working towards a conservation paradigm where humans and nature exist in harmony.

The trust aims to bring the message of preserving forests, promoting sustainable lifestyles and combating climate change to the local community children, city students and a wider web audience.

The E-base is one such community initiative.


Watch Robert Swan put together the second E-base in the world.

Recent Workshops

Fluorescent lights lighting up the E-Base!

‘And then there was light…’: Workshop on Light by Science Utsav

Light is the only source of energy at the E-Base, so what more important workshop to have than that on light energy. Our ...

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Some post sowing fun with 7th graders. (Image: Ankit Pogula)

The Organic Diaries- Step 13: Pack Up Time!

We may have been off to a slow start because of the, may we say, ‘belligerent’ weather (For those who didn’t follow ...

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The coriander flowers making the patch look alive.

The Organic Diaries- Step 12: Reaping the benefits of the cold

After a busy month, we’re back to share some good news- The methi, spinach and coriander have fared brilliantly! The ...

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