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The E-Base

Conservation Wildlands Trust is a philanthropic trust working towards a conservation paradigm where humans and nature exist in harmony.

The trust aims to bring the message of preserving forests, promoting sustainable lifestyles and combating climate change to the local community children, city students and a wider web audience.

The E-Base is one such community initiative.


Watch Robert Swan put together the second E-base in the world.

Recent Workshops

Our eager readers ready to make the most of the E-Base library.

Pench E-Base featured in Canada’s Natural Life magazine

It gives us a lot of joy to share with you that the Pench E-Base program was featured in Canada’s ‘Natural ...

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The forest looks still but teems with life.

Circle of Life in a Forest: Workshop by Reniscience Education

While we go on obliviously about our daily musings and chores, the world around us is teeming with life. It may not be at a ...

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Pench A & AP Dec 14-19 (1)

Out of thin air!: Workshop on air pressure and atmosphere by Vidnayan Vahini

After our students got an introduction to our unique and life- giving atmosphere, it was time to dwell deeper. Mr. Sharad ...

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