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The E-Base

Conservation Wildlands Trust is a philanthropic trust working towards a conservation paradigm where humans and nature exist in harmony.

The trust aims to bring the message of preserving forests, promoting sustainable lifestyles and combating climate change to the local community children, city students and a wider web audience.

The E-Base is one such community initiative.


Watch Robert Swan put together the second E-base in the world.

Recent Workshops


A Changing World: Workshop on Climate Change by Pooja Choksi

Our planet as it once began has been constantly undergoing changes. The only difference between the changes taking place in ...

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Shooting at Lake Kohka.

Sava Sher: Identity exploration and Film making with Tuning Fork Films

The Pench Tiger Reserve is home to the famous Royal Bengal Tiger. This large cat has come to receive much attention and ...

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Our eager readers ready to make the most of the E-Base library.

E-Base Library: This Show is on the Road!

In May, we began a small crowd funding project for Rs. 70,000 for one library in the E-Base in Pench, Madhya Pradesh. Little ...

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