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The E-Base

Conservation Wildlands Trust is a philanthropic trust working towards a conservation paradigm where humans and nature exist in harmony.

The trust aims to bring the message of preserving forests, promoting sustainable lifestyles and combating climate change to the local community children, city students and a wider web audience.

The E-Base is one such community initiative.


Watch Robert Swan put together the second E-base in the world.

Recent Workshops

Most of our actors, water, the Sun, carbon dioxide, oxygen, a car, fire wood, and most importantly a tree.

The Trees that make up my Forest: Workshop by Pooja Choksi

Trees come in different shapes and sizes. They are those that may be planted by our city managements or those that ...

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The joy of finally conquering the experiment. These two teachers figued out the way the experiment worked and were more than happy to explain it to the group.

Making Teaching Engaging: Workshop on science education by Curiouscity Science Education

Education in short staffed government schools is riddled by a string of problems, the most important being the lack of use ...

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The kakdi seeds ready to be sown,

The Organic Diaries: Round Two

We’ve returned to organic gardening once again this year, but only in a different school. This year, Kohka Middle School ...

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