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The E-Base

Conservation Wildlands Trust is a philanthropic trust working towards a conservation paradigm where humans and nature exist in harmony.

The trust aims to bring the message of preserving forests, promoting sustainable lifestyles and combating climate change to the local community children, city students and a wider web audience.

The E-Base is one such community initiative.


Watch Robert Swan put together the second E-base in the world.

Recent Workshops

Pooja elucidating the meaning of having a product that travels endless number of kilometres to reach a customer.

Churning the Earth: Workshop by Pooja Choksi

Have you ever picked up the wrapper of your favourite cookies or chips to understand what really went into making it? This ...

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The tiger too perhaps awaits Winter.

The many faces of Pench

Pench is beautiful throughout the year. How do we vouch for that? Here is a selection of images from the time we have spent ...

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Students smelling the 'urine' of the tiger to determine who it is in a game to understand the tiger's territorial behaviour.

On the tiger’s trail: Workshop by Pooja Choksi

Even though the students in the villages of Dahoda and Kolitmara live around the Pench Tiger Reserve, very few of them have ...

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